Children's Dentistry

Dr. Mark Johnston believes that a general dentist should treat the entire family from age one to 101, which is why we offer family dentistry in Lansing, MI.

Giving children a great headstart and helping them feel good about their smiles, coupled with excellent dental care, is our first goal when it comes to little smiles.

Children’s Dentistry in Lansing, MI  

Many children become life-long fans of the dental office if they start with a positive experience from the beginning, and we believe this helps prevent dental phobia in adulthood.

For this reason, we try to bring fun and entertainment to the pediatric visit. Well behaved children may receive a helium balloon, for example, after their dental appointment.

We also believe that part of the role of the dental team means educating children about their teeth and gums. Having the parent, grandparent, or guardian in the room allows us to educate both the adult and child at the same time. We like knowing that the adult will remember the information after they leave the appointment so that these tips and tactics can be utilized at home.

Kids often mimic their parents when it comes to brushing their teeth. Unfortunately, young children do not have the hand/eye coordination to brush effectively, which is why we coach parents and caregivers on proper technique. And before you know it, the time comes when your child is able to brush on his or her own. It is essential to encourage this next step, but then the parent should follow up by going over the mouth with a toothbrush to make sure all areas are plaque-free until the child is really ready to brush and floss unsupervised.

Our Pediatric Dental Treatments

One of the most recent changes in pediatric care is the use of sodium diamine fluoride (SDF). The FDA recently approved this product after having been used in Europe for many years. What this product does is stop decay in its tracks without the use of a drill. The product is painted on teeth with decay, and the intense fluoride halts the decay process. Most treatments require two visits, and the SDF is placed on the teeth during both appointments. The product also makes the tooth appear much darker, so it is used sparingly in the front of the mouth. It can be covered over with a tooth-colored material at a later date if there are cosmetic concerns.

We also offer full preventive services—some added when age-appropriate:

  • Dental examinations
  • Periodic x-rays
  • Dental sealants
  • Fluoride treatments

Our mission for your child is a healthy smile for life.

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We can’t wait to meet your child and start him or her on the road to excellent dental health. We treat children in all locations, including Lansing, East Lansing, Haslett, Saint Johns, Okemos, and beyond.