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Financial Info

Financial Information

At MMJ DDS we try to maximize your dental benefits no matter who your employer is. Our team dedicates hundreds of hours each month trying to work with dental benefit companies to try and figure out what coverage our patients have and what they do not have. Some companies are easier than others to discover this information. Delta Dental of Michigan plans cover a majority of our current patients and we have a good working relationship with them. In any case let us know what coverage you have and we will work with you to help you obtain the highest benefit for your dental healthcare. Please let us know if your coverage changes or if your spouse or partner gains dental coverage. This may significantly change your out of pocket expenses.

We also accept the following payment options:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover

Finance Your Dentistry with CareCredit

If you’re considering advanced options like cosmetic dentistry, CareCredit can help you finance your dentistry over time.

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that allows you to make monthly payments on dental and health treatments. Some of their programs even mean interest-free payments for you.

The online application process is simple, and decisions typically take only minutes.

Dr. Johnston’s Membership Club

We believe that everyone deserves access to dental care, which is why we offer an in-house membership plan to help patients get the dentistry they need.

  • $99 LIFETIME activation fee—the first months “premium” is included in this amount
  • $30 per month after that for adults, $25 for kids, $45 for periodontal
  • The first year: $460.00
  • All following years: $360.00

Your annual membership includes:

  • 2 teeth cleanings
  • 2 dental exams
  • 2 fluoride applications
  • 1 emergency dental exam with x-rays
  • 1 set of bitewings
  • 1 FMX/Pano every 5 years

The above procedures total $750.00, which means members get a $390.00 annual savings!

Additional benefits include:

  • 5% off restorative treatment when making payment instalments [any payment method]
  • 10% off restorative treatment when paying in full using a credit card
  • 15% off restorative treatment when paying in full using cash or check

Our NEW patients see the most savings by signing up for this plan!

A non-insured new patient appointment typically consists of:

  • Comprehensive Exam: $100
  • Panoramic X-ray: $126
  • Cleaning: $102 - $198


New patients have the choice of paying the above amount in full OR paying the $99.00 activation fee and having all of the above fees waived.

There is a cancellation policy for this plan, and you can cancel at any time without penalty. However, there is a reinstatement fee equal to six months of premiums ($180.00).

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CareCredit is different from a regular credit card. Use it to pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your dental insurance, and special financing options are available that you may not be able to get with other cards.

More information about this service:
Frequently Asked Questions

Our office uses digital radiography for the ease and comfort of our patients. Digital x-rays are also safer and better for the environment compared to traditional films. They emit far less radiation, and because no chemicals are used, they are considered a greener option.

These digital images appear quickly without the use of a dark room, which means less waiting. They are also easier to store electronically. Your dentist is able to share these images with you, explain your oral health issues, and this helps you make informed choices for your smile.

X-rays allow us to see parts of your teeth that are under the gum tissue and in the bone. It is very important for us to monitor those areas as well to help you maintain optimum oral hygiene. Your dentist can also use the images to treat dental problems and plan treatments with accuracy.

In our Lansing, MI dental office, we like to refer to technologies that are patient-friendly, safer, and allow for the best possible outcomes for our patients.

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If it’s time for your next appointment, or if you’re new to the area, we invite you to contact our dental office to get started.

Our office is located at 1850 W. Mt. Hope in Lansing, Michigan. We are just minutes from downtown Lansing and the highway, which makes seeing patients from surrounding areas easy. We are 15-20 minutes from other cities including, Dewitt, St. Johns, Holt, Mason, East Lansing, Okemos, and Haslett. 

Because we are centrally located, we are a destination dentist for many patients and families in the surrounding and outlying areas.

Your dentist in Lansing also offers the services families need to maintain healthy smiles, including:

  • Preventive dentistry—Regular exams and teeth cleanings save you time and money in the future.
  • General dentistry—Maintenance to restore you to a healthy smile, including but not limited to fillings and root canals.
  • Tooth replacement options—Complete your smile with bridges, dentures, or dental implants.
  • Cosmetic dentistry and advanced services—Take your smile to the next level and rest easy with sleep apnea, TMJ, and bruxism therapy in Lansing, MI.

Your Lansing dentist and his team also take the time to answer your questions and address your concerns. We enjoy talking to our patients and helping them achieve healthy smiles.

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