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Do you use digital x-rays?

Our office uses digital radiography for the ease and comfort of our patients. Digital x-rays are also safer and better for the environment compared to traditional films. They emit far less radiation, and because no chemicals are used, they are considered a greener option.

These digital images appear quickly without the use of a dark room, which means less waiting. They are also easier to store electronically. Your dentist is able to share these images with you, explain your oral health issues, and this helps you make informed choices for your smile.

X-rays allow us to see parts of your teeth that are under the gum tissue and in the bone. It is very important for us to monitor those areas as well to help you maintain optimum oral hygiene. Your dentist can also use the images to treat dental problems and plan treatments with accuracy.

In our Lansing, MI dental office, we like to refer to technologies that are patient-friendly, safer, and allow for the best possible outcomes for our patients.

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